SWF FlashVars

Function: A series of 3 name value pairs which pass into the SWF application that can be used for a variety of purposes including providing learning interaction data.


  • Name: Name of the FlashVars parameter.
  • Value: The data to be passed in as a string value.

Note: The text is passed in a single name/value pair and therefore should not be URL encoded and should not contain the special characters '&' or '='. CSV data is compatible with FlashVars.

Please note: Any text passed into the SWF application via FlashVars is printed on the web page. Anyone can view the text by selecting "view page source" in their web browser. For this reason, do not pass any sensitive data or anything that you don't want users to see. For more secure methods of retrieving data, consider using AMFPHP.

Developed by Matt Bury - http://matbury.com/

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